Benefits Of DrumSticks

Powerful Health Benefits of Drumsticks

Drumsticks or moringa have been a source of nutrition and are rich in anti-oxidants and bioactive plant compounds. The entire drumstick plant consisting of its leaves, pods, and flowers are packed with nutrients that are beneficial and every part of the plant has food and medicinal value. It is important to eat drumsticks in some or the other form regularly to reap its whole benefits. Mandira Gowri, Wellness Influencer, Reset Wellness Centre, elaborates on the various benefits of drumsticks and how we must inculcate this nutrition-packed vegetable in our daily meal.

Rich source of vitamins and mineralsDrumstick leaves are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. If you’re taking drumstick as a supplement, taking it in capsule form won’t supply large amounts of nutrients. Include the fresh pods or leaves in your daily meal to utilize the best benefits.

Regulates blood sugar levels. The high blood sugar level is the main characteristic of diabetes, which in turn leads to heart diseases. Drumsticks are known to reduce spiked blood sugar levels significantly. Plant compounds such as isothiocyanates are responsible for reducing blood sugar levels as well as enhances gall bladder function. This helps in lowering blood glucose levels as well.

Helps to purify the blood. Drumstick helps in purifying the blood of toxins and making our organs function better. They further act as a potent antibiotic agent. Drumsticks help in streamline blood circulation in good manner.

Boosts immunityConstantly changing weather and hectic lifestyle takes a toll on the immune system. Drumstick and its healthy green leave act as an immunity booster that helps control body temperature during a fever.

It helps in developing stronger bones. Due to the presence of a high amount of calcium and iron in drumsticks, they play a major role in developing strong and healthy bone structure. It also prevents the loss of bone density and increases overall stamina and health.