Benefits Of Curry Leaves

Aromatic curry leaves are a natural flavoring agent that is also a common ingredient used in cooking that has amazing health benefits too.

1. Studies show that hypoglycemic properties of curry leaves control blood sugar levels that reduce the risk of diabetes. 

2. Rich in iron and folic acid, curry leaves can be your one-stop remedy to beat anaemia.

3. According to research, curry leaves are high on anti-oxidative properties, Vitamin A and C that ensure the proper functioning of liver. 

4. Extracting mahanimbicine, a carbazole alkaloid from curry leaves can able to help in healing mild burns and skin cell regeneration. 

5. Use curry leaves to treat common skin or fungal infections as it is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

6. A study shows that inhalation of linalool, a type of oil extracted from curry leaves helps to keep stress and anxiety at bay. 

7. Burn unwanted fat, carbohydrates and detoxify your body by including curry leaves in your diet as it is rich in carbazole alkaloids.

8. Vitamin A found in curry leaves contains carotenoids that protect the cornea and improves eyesight. 

Include curry leaves in your diet right away!